About the Founders: Artist & Elaine Thornton

From the beginning of their time together, thirty two years, Artist & Elaine Thornton always possesed a love and deep concern for the arts. They are painter and writer; both are actors of stage and screen. Artistís credits include "Walker, Texas Ranger", and Horton Footeís "On Valentineís Day" among others; Elaineís credits include On Valentinesí Day, and Broken Promises" and together they produced and starred in Charles Fullerís "Zooman and the Sign", a theatrical presentation presented in Dallas and Fort Worth that was an effort to help curb gang violence. They are producers of plays and film. Their experience spans more than twenty five years.

Artist & Elaine founded the South Dallas Cultural Center (click to read the story) and the Bath House Cultural Center after many years of lobbying the City Of Dallas for four centers total, that would provide a forum for artists and others aspiring to channel their talents into the disciplines of the arts in their neighborhood. The Latino Cultural Center is the latest of the cultural centers concept to come to reality in Dallas.

Artist and Elaine are the parents of one son, Dr. Artist Thornton II and they are the proud grandparents of three young daughters and one grandson.