Your Donation Is Important

We at the foundation appreciate your financial support toward ongoing operations, programs and projects. The Artist & Elaine Thornton Foundation For The Arts is a 501 3 c non profit organization.

Donations to the foundation are 100% tax deductible where applicable. (we regret that this does NOT include purchases made at amazon or allposters through our website.) We also accept bequests, in kind donations and we appreciate your volunteer help. In exchange we will place your name as a contributor to our projects and our programs.

Please be assured that we at the Thornton Foundation For The Arts and the children we serve in Dallas Fort Worth are exceedingly greatful for your donations to help in all programming. Thank you.

Artist and Elaine Thornton Foundation for the Arts
P.O. Box 210647
Dallas, Tx 75211
214-716-7481 or